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About Us

For many years, Timeless Rustproofing, Brisbane has offered industry-leading vehicle rustproofing solutions to Brisbane and the wider Queensland community. Our name works two ways, the look and aesthetic that we preserve for your vehicle and the longevity we provide it with our protection.

The solutions
we offer

For many years we have offered a range of complete solutions for all vehicle types and other implements that are susceptible to rust.

Our rustproofing and undercarriage solutions suits vehicles and more with chemical rustproofing, beach washing, Endrust, underbody rustproofing, 4X4 rustproofing, electronic rustproofing and more.


Our complete list includes:

Underbody rustproofing Brisbane

Your vehicle’s metal parts are susceptible to rust, and our rustproofing services protect your investment from oxidation. This means a significant extension on life expectancy, reducing the need for major repairs.

Why let something as easily preventable as rust diminish the value of your car? Rustproofing prevents avoidable wear and tear, giving you extended protection over your investment.

Contact us to learn more about the offerings from our expert team, our quality guarantee, and the complete vehicle rustproofing solutions that have kept Brisbane vehicles safe for so many years.

Our guarantees

As part of our high levels of service, we offer:

  1. Up to a ten-year product corrosion warranty on Electronic rustproofing
  2. Up to a ten-year warranty on chemical rustproofing 
  3. Capped price annual inspections

All of our treatments already look fantastic with a shine and finish that is truly unique, but with our guarantees, you know you can rely on their performance for many years to come.

Our prices

The goal at Timeless Rustproofing, Brisbane, is to offer an affordable but effective anti-rust solution. We keep our industry-leading rust protection solutions price low and our service levels high, which is why so many customers keep coming back to protect their assets.

A rough pricing guide is as follows:

Basic chemical
Heavy Duty chemical
Mine spec epoxy/beach pack epoxy rustproofing
4wd HD 4 pad system
Extreme duty six pad unit
Electronic rustproofing-
car 2 pad system

Learn more about our tailored automotive rustproofing solutions today and speak to an expert

The helpful staff at Timeless Rustproofing are friendly, and above all, knowledgeable when it comes to the best protection for you. We are here to help, so let’s chat about our world-class solutions for vehicle rustproofing today.

Our services are available in Brisbane, and the wider Southeastern Queensland area, so chat with a Timeless Rustproofing team member today. Together, we’ll find the best way to keep your vehicle safe and your budget intact. Call today!

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