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When it comes to protecting your vehicle from rust, especially those who like to tackle the tricky terrain in a 4X4, ENDRUST® is the answer. This trusted product is approved by the experts at Timeless Rustproofing and has been a trusted name in vehicle rustproofing since 1973.

ENDRUST® products have been tried and tested over the last 60+ years and are one of the biggest names in automotive rustproofing technologies and applications. Contact us to learn more about why our team use them as a go-to!

ENDRUST® tackles the harsh Australian conditions

Surface rust and corrosion are problems for even the best quality vehicles. The salt-laden air, salt water, mud, dirt, and even snow can create situations that you need to protect your vehicle against. 

The under-bodies, in particular, are forgotten about and uncared for even though they make direct contact with corrosive materials. ENDRUST® offers Spray-on or Chemical Proof Coatings that are proven to provide the most reliable and effective corrosion protection possible when applied by the experienced team at Timeless Rustproofing. These coatings stop rust with a barrier that sits between the metal surface and the salt, moisture, and air.

Why we
choose to use

With over 60 years of industry experience, some may recognise the name ENDRUST® as the original manufacturer of rust protection coatings in Australia. We put our vehicles through the wringer on one of the harshest environments on the planet, and ENDRUST® has been there all along.

Constantly innovating, ENDRUST® offers a fast-drying, hard-wearing, multi-purpose clear finish that can be applied to a number of different situations. In particular, ENDRUST® coating will not substantially alter the appearance of the substrate.

Our ENDRUST® solutions for all vehicles also come with a high-pressure steam clean to ensure the best results.

The many applications of ENDRUST®

Why consider ENDRUST® rustproofing?

Any vehicle, but particularly your 4WD, trade or work vehicle, can see significant benefits from ENDRUST®. The metal parts on all vehicles are susceptible to rust when exposed to the elements. ENDRUST® protects your vehicle from oxidation, significantly extending it’s life expectancy.

It also allows for the following additional benefits:

  • Maintaining resale value
  • Prevent avoidable wear and tear
  • Peace of mind thanks to our ten-year product corrosion 
  • A new shine and finish that gives your vehicle an edge.

Get an exact, no-obligation quote for our tailored automotive rustproofing solutions from our helpful staff today.

Protect your underbody today with Timeless Rustproofing Brisbane

“Out of sight and out of mind” certainly applies to the underbody of our vehicles. Underbody rustproofing is a must for offroad and trade vehicles and our premium, industry-leading rustproofing treatments will ensure you are protected no matter what terrain you tackle.

Head offroad or onsite with confidence and peace of mind in knowing your undercarriage is safe from debris and premature oxidation.

Anyone serious about true protection for their 4X4 will know the name ENDRUST®. The best way to make your vehicle even tougher, a high-quality rustproof treatment from ENDRUST® and our highly experienced 4WD rustproofing specialists is a winning combo.

As off-road vehicle enthusiasts ourselves, we have chosen ENDRUST® as we know it works – we use it! We’ve tested this product first-hand and its performance has led to our confidence in making it one of our primary brands. 

Our rustproofing experts have plenty of experience with ENDRUST® heavy-duty chemical rustproofing. We also offer proven brands such as:

  • Couplertec®
  • XTROLL® 
  • Rust Conqueror® and more

ENDRUST® and all of our other products meet or exceed Australian Standard AS2662 and our own stringent quality control protocols, which is why we are happy to offer them to you.

Chemical rustproofing is a great way to protect your vehicle from premature oxidation of its body and exposed parts. 

Chemical rust roofing creates a protective barrier from elements like: 

  • Moisture
  • Salts
  • Chemicals
  • Debris
  • Road debris
  • Mud and more

These factors can contribute to rust and the issues that can accompany rust, like lifting paint and structural weaknesses.

Providing a robust chemical barrier to your undercarriage and vulnerable components can neutralise the oxidative threats.

The last job anyone feels like doing after a fun-filled day in the dirt or sand is washing the exterior or components of your vehicle. 

Have all the fun with none of the hassles by booking your vehicle in for one of our thorough and diligent undercarriage beach washes. Our team of motor enthusiasts will treat your vehicle as if it was their own.

Ask about our electronic rustproofing

For those looking for a cost-effective rustproofing option, ask about our electronic rustproofing. An alternative to topical rustproofing, electronic rustproofing is great for those who want to protect classic or vintage vehicles and want to avoid altering the vehicle’s aesthetic. Only the best electronic rustproofing technologies are used by our expert team to ensure you see great results.

Our pricelist for automotive anti-rust applications

Timeless Rustproofing, Brisbane are known for affordable and effective anti-rust solutions. Our industry-leading rust protection and excellent service do not cost the earth, making it easy for everyone to stay protected.

Prices will vary due to the requirements of each vehicle, however approximate pricing for each service can be found below:

Basic chemical
Heavy Duty chemical
Mine spec epoxy/beach pack epoxy rustproofing
Electronic rustproofing-
car 2 pad system
4wd HD 4 pad system
Extreme duty six pad unit
Electronic rustproofing-
car 2 pad system

Protect your vehicle with ENDRUST® from Timeless Rustproofing Brisbane today

Ask about how ENDRUST® can benefit you at Timeless Rustproofing today. We offer world-class solutions that will suit any vehicle and more. If you live in Brisbane or the surrounding Southeastern Queensland areas, you have easy access to our expertise and the benefits of ENDRUST®.

Contact our expert consultants for a no-obligation quote today, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about ENDRUST® or any of our other products and services. We are here to help you find the best solution for your vehicle, and ensure it stays protected, no matter what adventure comes along next. Let’s have a chat about ENDRUST® today!

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