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Have some questions about rustproofing?

Timeless Rustproofing, Brisbane is an industry-leading vehicle rustproofing provider for Queensland car enthusiasts. Our services are tried and tested, plus tailored to your needs. Everyone uses their car differently, and we have a solution to match the many options.

The goal is protection and longevity for your vehicle, so whether you are planning on selling it or running it into the ground, it is kept in the best condition possible. You’ve already made the investment, now it’s time to protect it!

Our team are experts, with years of hands-on experience across a range of vehicles and solutions. There isn’t much we don’t know! If you have some questions about when it comes to rustproofing your vehicle, we’ve likely answered them here:

Above all, rustproofing protects your vehicle from the elements and gives it a longer lifespan. It increases the resale value of your vehicle and reduces repair costs. 


If left untreated, rust can spread, risking the quality of your brake lines and cables, and even the electrical system. Corrosion compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle, which is why protecting the undercarriage, body panels, and mechanical parts is vital. Inspect your vehicle regularly to catch rust; the earlier, the better!

Our team will pick the best solution for each individual vehicle. It depends on how you use your vehicle, how regularly you plan to update the rustproofing and a range of other factors.

Some of the primary brands we use include:

  • Endrust®
  • Couplertec®
  • XTROLL® 
  • Rust Conqueror® and more

Ask about the specifics that are suitable for your situation today.

We think rustproofing is priceless due to the level of protection it offers, but a rough guide to our pricing is as follows:

  • Underbody chemical rustproofing $595
  • Full chemical rustproofing $895
  • 4WD HD 4 pad system $895 
  • Mine spec epoxy/beach pack epoxy rustproofing from $1895
  • Electronic rustproofing-car 2 pad system $695
  • Extreme duty six pad unit $995

Roughly one day. We recommend that you drop your vehicle off in the morning and pick it up after work. In specific cases that require a little more work, we may need to keep it overnight.

Straight away! Rustproofing is all about preserving your vehicle’s current state, so you’ll want to do that while it’s as new as possible.

Not really, except for some specific products. If this may be the case, we will chat with you about the best options and can keep your vehicle for longer to ensure drying times.

As long as your issue isn’t too severe, we can treat the area first, then apply our solution, helping the rust to stop. Most cars that have already been on the road for a few years will likely have some surface rust in the chassis or somewhere in the sub-frame, especially here in Brisbane!

It is always better if the underbody is free of mud and grime. Preferably, a pressure clean of the underbody at least 1-2 days before rustproofing is ideal and recommended. If you need, we can handle the pressure cleaning for you at an additional cost but will need to keep your car for a bit longer to allow time to dry.

We recommend waiting three days after our rustproofing solution before taking your car to the beach. The goal is to ensure the protection has fully cured. 

We are so confident in rustproofing that we offer up to a ten-year product corrosion warranty on Electronic rustproofing, and an up to a ten-year warranty on chemical rustproofing. We also provide capped price annual inspections.

Our capped price annual inspections are a thorough inspection of the whole vehicle, to ensure everything is as it should be. If it’s not, we’ll fix it. 


Our team will also top up any stone chips or sandblasting damage in the undercarriage. At such great value, this is the best way to ensure the protection of your vehicle over the long run. Is there really a price that you can put on true peace of mind?

The answer to this question will depend on a range of factors including the type of solution used and the conditions the car is placed under. Usually anywhere between 3-10 years, or even up to 25 years in some cases. 

With a service annually and a top it up where needed (capped) the answer to this question is somewhat redundant because you’ll always be protected!

Electronic rust protection is an option to protect your vehicle. Another option is also our tried and tested, heavy-duty chemical rustproofing. All of the products we use meet or exceed Australian Standard AS2662 and must meet our stringent quality control protocols. We will work with you to find the most suitable option.

Have a question we didn’t answer above?

Timeless Rustproofing Brisbane offers world-class solutions for vehicle rustproofing, and our expert consultants are standing by to answer any questions you may have. We aim to offer affordable solutions that match your budget but will also find the right options to suit your needs. The goal is the best outcome at the best price, every time.

If you are unsure about rustproofing or want to learn more about the process, drop us a line. For first-timers, we’re sure you’ll see the benefits quickly! Get in contact with your enquiry and one of our team members will find the right solution for your needs today!

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